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Thrombophilia Clinic

IASO Thessaly runs a specialized and pioneering clinic for patients with personal or family history of thromboses or pregnancy complications, as well as for healthy patients concerned with the risks associated with contraceptives. Building upon our high specialization in the field, our aim is to carry out valid tests in a reliable lab at the least possible cost, proceed with the applicable treatment, where needed, and provide well-documented information to patients.


What are the cases treated by the Thrombophilia and Thrombosis Clinic?

Our Clinic’s specialized services prove very useful in the conditions below:

  • Acute treatment of thromboses
  • Assessment of thrombotic recurrence risk and decision on administering chronic medication
  • Monitoring and regulation of chronic anticoagulation treatment
  • Assessment of thrombosis risk in patients with such family history
  • Assessment of thrombosis risk in patients on contraceptives
  • Investigation on pregnancy complications (recurrent miscarriages, preeclampsia, placental insufficiency, etc).


What to expect from IASO Thessaly’s Thrombophilia Clinic

  • Each patient receives personalized care, based on his/her detailed medical history.
  • If deemed necessary, thrombophilia tests are performed in a selected, credible and reliable lab, and comprise only those studies that, according to international standards, may affect treatment decisions.
  • The test results are correlated to the personal medical history of patients, while all treatment decisions comply with current international guidelines in the field.
  • Each test result is reviewed in detail and patients receive thorough explanations of how their health status might be affected.
  • Treatment is always designed according to individual patient needs.
  • Patients may receive a medical note relating to their tests, where needed.

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