IASO Thessaly’s Pathology Lab is fully equipped with the most excellent and modern medical equipment, employing the most specialized personnel to guarantee faster and more reliable diagnosis.

The main operation of the Lab focuses on the diagnostic approach of biological materials relating to:

  • Surgical preparations (e.g. hysterectomy, nephrectomy, prostatectomy, large intestine, etc)
  • Septic surgery biopsies (e.g. scrapings, cervical resection, etc)
  • Outpatient Department biopsies (e.g. large/small intestine, stomach, lungs, etc)
  • Liver, kidney, pancreas, bone barrow biopsies, etc.

Other services:

  • Frozen section
  • Immunochemistry:
    • Hormonal receptors
    • Melanoma investigation
    • Malignant neoplasm primary site investigation
    • Mesenchymal tumor investigation, etc.
    • Molecular investigation
    • Kras
    • Braf
    • Her2new etc.
  • HPV (high risk – low risk)

Archived tissue embedding cassettes in paraffin and Α-Η plates for retrospective case analysis.

The Lab participates in Panhellenic, European, and International Conferences and Workshops.

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