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Hemodialysis Unit
Hemodialysis Unit
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The Artificial Kidney (Hemodialysis) Unit at IASO Thessaly is well-staffed with reputable scientists and fully equipped with modern, latest technology machines for traditional dialysis, hemodiafiltration and on-line hemodiafiltration, allowing the performance of all innovative dialysis methods. All shifts are covered by Nephrologists and nursing staff with extensive experience in hemodialysis. Should an emergency occur during the hemodialysis session, our Clinic can provide immediate hospitalization. Please note that our well-trained team of medical experts can manage emergencies on a 24-hour basis.

  • Cardiac monitoring
  • Angiosurgery to establish or repeat vascular access.
  • Performance of all necessary imaging studies and monthly scheduled clinical-lab tests.
  • Separate hemodialysis room for HBV patients-carriers.
  • Modern infrastructure, with independent entrance and separate parking lot for hemodialysis patients.
  • Comfortable and pleasant stay during the hemodialysis session: individual TVs, free internet access (Wi-Fi), beverages and light meals.

In particular, the Hemodialysis Unit at IASO Thessaly provides transplant patient preparation (pre-transplant screenings for both recipients and donors), as well as referral of prospect recipients for registering in the waiting list for deceased donor transplant at the center of their choice. Other services include ultrasound-guided percutaneous kidney biopsy, and the division of special glomerular and immunologic diseases (e.g. systemic lupus erythematosus, vasculitis). The Hemodialysis Unit also conducts plasmapheresis, lipid removal and molecular adsorbent recirculation system (MARS) –artificial liver in neurological, ophthalmological, hereditary, immunologic and other rare diseases. Placement of arteriovenous fistulas, grafts or permanent subclavicular or jugular dialysis catheter.

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