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Department of Nuclear Medicine

The Department of Nuclear Medicine performs all in vivo diagnostic tests with radiopharmaceuticals. The comfortable and functional areas of the Department feature robust and modern equipment, fully utilized by our experienced and highly reputable medical and paramedical scientific personnel. The Department has a variable-angle dual-head gamma camera (SPECT) with full software to perform plain & whole-body scans, localized two-dimensional imaging, tomography, brain imaging, etc.

With the use of the variable-angle dual-head gamma camera we are able to achieve reduced scanning time with simultaneous obtainment of high-resolution images, while there is an automatic image and test archiving system. The Department carries out tests on all organs of the body (scintigraphs), such as thyroid gland, parathyroid glands, kidney (static & dynamic), bone, lungs, liver, spleen, bile ducts, sentinel lymph node, brain, etc.

Myocardial scintigraphy -rest and fatigue phase-, radioisotopic ventriculography, direct radioisotopic cysteography in infants/children, and brain scintigraphy with I-123 DATSCAN, the most modern for the diagnosis of Parkinson's disease, are also performed.

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