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Department of CT-scan
Department of CT-scan
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The Department carries out all the whole range of diagnostic and invasive procedures, such as centeses, biopsies, fluid drainage. It houses an ultra-modern 128 row detector multi-slice CT-scan, allowing the performance of novel tests, such as:

  • CT-coronary angiography: a real breakthrough in primary healthcare. It allows painless and bloodless evaluation of coronary arteries and has been proven equal to traditional coronary angiography via catheterization in the diagnosis of hemodynamically significant stenoses requiring management.
  • Calcium scoring: (measurement of the amount of calcium accumulated on the walls of the coronary vessels of the heart; the amount of calcium has been associated with the likelihood of developing heart diseases).
  • CT-pyelography: to a great extent, it has replaced traditional pyelography, as it provides more information to any diagnostic question related to the urinary tract system.
  • CT-angiography: conducted on every vessel of the body, in a painless and bloodless manner, the procedure lasts only a few seconds. In the diagnosis of critical stenoses, it is considered to be equal to blood angiography (via catheterization).

The Department has installed the R2 Image Checker CAD system for the detection of pulmonary nodules, while it has been demonstrated that its application improves early diagnosis in lung cancer and, therefore, patient survival rates. It is also recommended for monitoring cancer patients, given it allows for the most accurate measurement of the number and size of pulmonary nodules, thus significantly contributing to the evaluation of treatment response.

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