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Press Releases 2021

1st Neurosurgical Clinic of IASO Thessalias: Pioneering neurosurgical operation for the implementation of stereotactic valve to cancer patient

IASO Thessalias is in the forefront of specialized surgical operations in cooperation with experienced and qualified medical teams, at its state-of-the-art premises, in Larisa.

It was successfully performed for the first time, a stereotactic special-type valve implantation (Ommaya port) to cancer patient, upon the recommendation of the attending physician, the Internal Medicine Expert – Oncologist Mr. Ioannis Gkioulmpasanis. It was performed by continuous real time navigation by the state-of-the-art Medtronic’s navigator Stealth Station S8. The purpose of the surgery was the direct injection of medicines into the brain parenchyma, more accurately, for the best possible result in the treatment of the 40-year old female patient, suffering from leptomeningeal spinal cord metastases.



The Neurosurgeon Mr. Iordanis Georgiadis, Registrar of the 1st Neurosurgical Clinic of IASO Thessalias, performed the surgery. Anesthesiologist was Mr. Dimosthenis Charalampidis and the surgery’s nurse Ms. Eleni Pagana.

The provision of high quality services by IASO Thessaly is considered as an essential obligation to our patients. Its modern premises and equipment, the distinguished medical, scientific and nursing staff and the application of innovative methods of diagnosis and treatment render unique its hospitalization conditions, in Thessaly and across the region.



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