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16/04/2021 - IASO Thessalias: Orthopedic Clinic for Reconstructive Surgery of Large Joints and Spine

 As part of the efforts to continuously update the services it offers, IASO Thessalias has established the 3rd Orthopedic Clinic for Reconstructive Surgery of Large Joints and Spine, welcoming the outstanding associates Antonios Tsangalis, Konstantinos Vavliakis, Stylianos Chaidemenakis, Dionysios Paridis, Polykarpos Kiorpelidis, Panagiotis Karakitsios and Konstantinos Karamichos, who will staff the Clinic, offering their long experience and scientific expertise.

The scientific associates of the Clinic boast internationally recognized surgical experience in:

  • Difficult primary arthroplasty procedures
  • Revision of total hip and knee arthroplasties
  • Shoulder and elbow arthroplasties
  • Arthroscopic surgery of joints
  • Adult spine surgery


The aim of the 3rd Orthopedic Clinic and its qualified scientific staff is to offer optimal management and treatment of acute and chronic conditions, restoring the functionality of patients so they may return to their social, professional and sports activities as fast as possible.

The long clinical experience of the doctors in conventional and modern medical techniques guarantees the high success rate of procedures. They are assisted in their task by cutting-edge medical technology and the experienced nursing and auxiliary staff of IASO Thessalias.

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