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14/05/2021 - 1st Neurosurgery Clinic, IASO Thessalias:  A small neurosurgery miracle in a brain injury procedure

A young female patient, 40, presented at the Emergency Department of IASO Thessalias due to lowered level of consciousness and vomiting episodes. Once evaluated by the Internist of the 1st Internal Medicine Clinic, Mr. Athanasios Brouziotis, she was taken to the Medical Imaging Department for an emergency brain CT. The scan revealed a large, chronic subdural hematoma in the right cerebral hemisphere, as well as an ipsilateral acute subdural hematoma, exerting pressure on the brain parenchyma, which required emergency surgery.

The patient was evaluated by the neurosurgeon, Mr. Iordanis Georgiadis, Registrar at the 1st Neurosurgery Clinic, IASO Thessalias, and was admitted for emergency surgery, with the assistance of Ms. Eleftheria Toutounopoulou, anesthesiologist. After surgery, the patient was transferred to the IASO Thessalias ICU for gradual awakening and was transferred to a ward for further monitoring on the following day. The patient was discharged 4 days later, fully mobile and without any neurological deficits.

Subdural hematomas of the brain are critical for the life of patients and must be evaluated immediately by specialists. Treatment involves surgery, aiming at optimal and fast decompression of the brain from the blood that exerts pressure on it. For such a case to be treated successfully it requires a neurosurgeon to be present in the operating room, assisted by the latest, state-of-the-art medical equipment available at IASO Thessalias.

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