03/10/2019 - IASO Group: excels in Healthcare Business Awards 2019


IASO GROUP received 4 awards for its high level of medical care and services, its investments in new facilities and medical equipment as well as its corporate responsibility. The awards ceremony took place yesterday, Wednesday, October 2, 2019, in “Polihoros Lolou”, with more than 500 guests attending.

IASO Group received the Gold Award for its Integrated corporate Social Responsibility program "by your side”, (“δίπλα σας”) for effectively meeting healthcare needs of our fellow men. Ms Christina Tampourea, Chief Commercial Officer at IASO Group, received the award and said: “We thank the selection panel. We thank you all for such a significant and honoring award. Some years ago, when we created the "by your side” program, we set a goal .. for what you hold most dear ... and that is our health. Your health, our patients’ health, our fellow men's health, and the health of all those who need us. All of us, individually, and all organizations must contribute to a better future. Our values are meaningful words: Dignity, responsibility, devotion, care, love, politeness, respect, and all these with utmost professionalism. We thank our people, the administrative and nursing staff who worked not only indoors, but also outdoors to help where needed, our doctors, without whom we would not have had free of charge surgeries and thousands of consultations, and, of course, the one who has always been the driving force behind all this, IASO Group's Chairman, Mr. Georgios Stamatiou”.

IASO received the Silver Award for "No1 Services in Greece” in the Development Category.. The Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinic, the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, the Breast Center and the Radiation Oncology Center (ROC) are the largest in Greece and maintain their high level of medical care and services, while at the same time they strive to effectively handle a huge volume of cases.


IASO received the Bronze Award for its valuable contribution to society.

IASO Children's Hospital won the Bronze Award in the Innovation Category for its Orthopedic Center,, which pioneered with revolutionary treatment for bone elongation in children with disabilities, giving our young patients access to cutting-edge medical services and state-of-the-art equipment.

A few words about the Social Responsibility program "by your side”

Since 2015, the program has been supporting/partnering with more than 20 NGOs and Associations and has performed over 3,100 free of charge surgeries, free of charge births and free of charge medical tests and consultations. On each World Health Day, IASO Group has been by your side with 65 offers and actions, while it organized over 75 informative lectures for the general public on health issues that affect us all. In addition, IASO Group is the Official Health Partner at major sporting events. Here, we should stress the fact that IASO is a Bone Marrow Donor Volunteer Registration Center, thus supporting the efforts of the "ORAMA ELPIDAS" Association.

“Health Daily” and “Boussias Communications” organized the Healthcare Business Awards for the 4th year, to award scientific and business excellence, innovation, best practices, successful synergies as well as volunteering and solidarity in the field Health.


From left: Ms Nancy Christopoulou, Head of Marketing at IASO Children's Hospital, Mr. Nikolaos Bredakis, Gynecologist - Breast Surgeon, Chief of the 1st Breast Clinic at IASO, Ms Christina Tampourea, Chief Commercial Officer at IASO Group,Mr. Dimitrios Konstantinou, Pediatrician - Neonatologist, Chief of the NICU, Mr. Dimosthenis Baltas, Gynecologist - Breast Surgeon, Chief of the 1st Breast Clinic at IASO, Mr. Grigoris Xepapadakis, ΜD, PhD, Breast Surgeon, Chief of the 2nd Breast Clinic at IASO, Dr. Georgios Stamatiou, Chair of BOD, IASO Group, Dr. Mr. Evaggelos Maragkoudakis, M.D. , Oncologist - Radiation Therapist, Chief of the Radiation Oncology Center (ROC) at IASO, Mr. Dimitris Grosomanidis, MD, Breast Surgeon, 2nd Breast Clinic at IASO, Ms Christina Korovesi, Head of Marketing at IASO