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A European-Level Partnership in Assisted Reproduction

Vangelis Papanikolaou: 99% of couples who had trouble having a child now can!

Mr. Vangelis Papanikolaou is one of the founders of Assisting Nature and is one of the few specialists in Greece on assisted human reproduction. After working in Brussels, at the number one IVF center in Europe, and briefly visiting the USA, he ended up in Thessaloniki and then in Larissa, where he set up a state-of-the-art IVF unit within IASO Thessalias, which commenced operations at the beginning of the year. As he said, “It is a partnership of the highest European standards.”

The name of Rheumatology and Internal Medicine Professor Lazaros Sakkas is quite familiar among rheumatism sufferers. He was the one who laid the foundations of the Rheumatology Clinic at the University Hospital of Larissa, placing it on the country’s map, as it was completely absent until then.

Having studied and pursued a scientific career in the UK, USA and Greece, Mr. Sakkas is one of the most renowned Greek scientists in autoimmune diseases, at a time when these conditions were gaining increasing interest.

Recently, Mr. Sakkas accepted yet another major challenge in his career: to work in the private sector and establish a Rheumatology Department at IASO Thessalias. At the same time, due to his experience, knowledge and scientific prestige, he was appointed Chairman of the IASO Ethics and Professional Conduct Committee.

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