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Newborn screening

Apart from all compulsory examinations for newborns that have been established by the Institute of Child’s Health (Congenital hypothyroidism, Phenylketonuria, G6PD deficiency, galactosemia), IASO Thessaly can also perform the following newborn screening tests:

  • Newborn hearing screening
    Otoacoustic emissions for the early detection of hearing loss in newborns during their hospital stay. In the first months of a newborn’s life, normal hearing is a basic prerequisite for understanding speech and language. It is a painless, reliable, and fast method carried out by specialized ENT specialists.
  • xpanded neonatal screening for the detection of Neonatal Metabolic Diseases
    Today, the expanded neonatal screening is an internationally acknowledged practice to check newborns for suspected unmanifested metabolic disorders. By “unmanifested” we mean disorders that show no clinical signs and, therefore, cannot be diagnosed at birth or in the first days of a newborn’s life.

In Greece, unlike most states in Europe and the USA, infants are tested by the Institute of Child’s Health for only 4 metabolic diseases: Phenylketonuria, G6PD deficiency, hypothyroidism and galactosemia. The expanded neonatal screening provided by IASO Thessaly can identify 40 additional metabolic and other diseases, some of which appear relatively frequently in the Greek population, such as cystic fibrosis, partial or total biotinidase deficiency, adrenal hyperplasia. In addition, more rare diseases, e.g. fatty acids, amino acids and organic acids metabolic disorders, are also detectable. According to international statistics, the likelihood of a child being affected is 1 in 1,500 for all the above controlled diseases.



Our Clinic offers a number of services during pregnancy, such as free of charge "Obstetric care during childbirth and puerperium" and free of charge "Parent Art" lessons. These courses include detailed information on childbirth, nutritional advice, and psychological preparation of pregnant women, as well as a brief tour of the Clinic. In addition, the experienced midwives of our Clinic explain what a mother needs to safely take care of her baby, while they advocate the benefits of breastfeeding.


Registration of Birth & Issuance of Social Security Number (AMKA) at IASO Thessalias

The Registration of a newborn’s Birth must exclusively be carried out by both parents, within 10 calendar days from the date following the birth, at the Medical Record Department on the 1st Basement (-1 level) of IASO Thessalias. Note: Only one parent may carry out the Registration of Birth of a newborn, provided he/she has a signed and validated authorization from the other parent. The authorization must state whether the newborn will be insured under the mother’s or the father’s social insurance fund. If the mother is indirectly insured through the spouse, the mother must provide authorization that she consents to the spouse claiming the childbirth benefit. After the 10 days, the Tax Office you belong to (Law 4144/2013) issues a late registration fine.

Required Documentation

  1. Both parents’ original national ID cards and photocopies thereof. An original and recent Certificate of Marriage, issued no earlier than 6 months. You can receive the Certificate of Marriage from the Registry Office where your marriage was registered at or from a Citizens’ Service Center (KEP). A Certificate of Family Status (issued no earlier than 6 months), both parents’ Social Security Numbers (AMKA) and Tax Numbers (TIN), and the mother’s IBAN are also required.
  2. In case there is no marriage, the Registration of Birth is solely carried out by the mother with her national ID card and a Family Status Certificate (issued no earlier than six 6 months), which may be obtained from the Municipality where she exercises her right to vote, or a Certificate from the Citizens’ Service Center (KEP). The mother’s Social Security Number (AMKA), Tax Number (TIN) and IBAN are also required.
  3. In case there is no marriage and the mother is divorced, the Registration of Birth is solely carried out by the mother with her national ID card, and an original and recent Marriage Certificate (issued no earlier than 6 months) stating the dissolution (i.e. the divorce). Please note that 300 days must have passed from the date the dissolution of marriage has been rendered irrevocable. A Family Status Certificate (issued no earlier than six 6 months) or a relevant certificate from a Citizens’ Service Center (KEP), as well as the mother’s Social Security Number (AMKA), Tax Number and IBAN are also required.
  4. In case a child is born in civil partnership, both parents must produce their national ID cards, an original and recent Civil Partnership Certificate (issued no earlier than 6 months), registered at the Registry Office, their Social Security Numbers (AMKA) and Tax Numbers, and the mother’s IBAN.
  5. Foreign nationals, instead of national ID cards, may produce their valid passports and photocopies thereof. In case their wedding took place in a foreign country, they must produce an original Certificate of Marriage and an original and official translation of it into Greek (translated no earlier than 6 months). The full names of both parents must be clearly indicated on the Certificate of Marriage, and these must also be translated into Greek. The translation may be carried out by the Translation Service of the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the corresponding Greek consular authority in the country where the certificate was issued, or by an authorized Greek attorney.

Required Documentation when living from IASO Thessalias

For the safe identification when you live the Maternity department, the following documentation is required:

  • Photocopy of the national ID of the father
  • Photocopy of the national ID of the mother
  • Certificate of Marriage, issued no earlier than six 6 months


MONDAY – FRIDAY, 08:00-16:00 (telephone: 2410 996830)

How to receive the Certificate of Birth and the Social Security Number (AMKA) of your newborn

  1. From the department during your hospitalization
  2. From any Citizen’s Service Center (KEP) by applying, provided that the newborn’s birth was registered at IASO Thessalias.


Newborn photography

The Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at IASO Thessaly has a photo shooting service for your baby, thus giving you the opportunity to cherish the first moments of your newborn’s life forever. It comprises a pack of ten (10) photos from the nursery room on the maternity ward, picturing your baby's first days in life.

All photos are shot by a professional photographer, with utmost respect for babies and full compliance with safety rules (no use of flash or other electronic means). Photo shooting is optional and provided at a low cost.


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