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Your admission to IASO Thessaly is carried out at the Reception Desk located on the ground floor. Our friendly and smiling staff provides you with any information required, throughout the entire admission process. For your convenience, please bring the following documents with you:

  • The patient’s validated health book if the admission is made through EOPYY (IKA, OGA, TEVE, etc)
  • Your card with the insurance policy number, in case you are admitted using your private health insurance policy (the insurance company must be in partnership with the IASO Thessaly)
  • Medical opinion prepared by the attending physician (where needed)
  • Social Security Number (ΑΜΚΑ)
  • National ID Card (parturients must also submit their husband’s national ID Card)

For the best medical evaluation, we recommend that you also bring your past laboratory tests, a history of previous hospitalization (if any), and current medication (if any).

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