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IASO Group, showing in practice its awareness of the woman, the child and the whole family, set a new invoicing policy with reduced prices on obstetrics and surgery cases applying to all hospitalization beds, supporting in this way low- and middle-income citizens.

The price reduction did not alter the excellent quality of the provided services and contributed to the effort in keeping the Greek family strong to deal with this challenging situation, i.e. the recent economic crisis. IASO Group shall be a companion in this difficult journey and, to the extent possible, a provider of healthcare services, with a sense of duty and support for all those in need of the precious good of health. The combined effort of all staff and collaborators is focused on the management of the crisis that has damaged the medical industry, by keeping the central message of the Group “Eyes on the human” alive.

IASO Group, faithful to its values governing its operation, assists all sensitive social groups and especially in cases where young patients are in need of treatment, both inside and outside Greece. Based on its man-centered philosophy, IASO Group actively supports and participates in the efforts of resource-raising for the sensitive social groups. Financial support, medical and pharmaceutical or other supplies and financial contribution to events realized in institutions, associations, neighboring municipalities, sports clubs and NGOs are only a few of the actions materialized by our Group on an annual basis.

In terms of social policy and believing that the full cooperation between the public and the private sector will contribute to the resolution of major issues such as the shortage in ICU beds, IASO continues its collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Welfare for the hospitalization of neonates in the Neonatal ICU, at special prices covered by their insurance funds.

In terms of social actions, we can indicatively mention:

IASO and IASO Children’s Hospital

  • Provision of free of charge treatment to underprivileged parturients, in collaboration with the Family Support Center of the Holy Archbishopric of Athens
  • Collaborations with NGOs
    • Médecins du Monde – Greece: Free of charge Pap smear
    • ELEPAP-Rehabilitation for The Disabled: Gifts from IASO Children’s Hospital and FILOKTITIS to approximately 40 children of the Early Educational and Therapeutic Program – Unit of Special Preschool Education of ELEPAP
    • The Smile of the Child: Free of charge ophthalmologic procedure, free of charge ventilation-perfusion scintigraphy (V/Q Scan), complimentary operation from a Pediatric-surgeon, full coverage of hospitalization expenses, free of charge visit to a Pediatric-neurologist and Gastroenterologist, cost-free cystography, gifts to approximately 30 children residing the Guest House in Karea
    • Pan-Hellenic Association for the Protection, Information and Assistance of Children with Heart Disease "The Child's Heart": A Christmas play for kids performed on the 3rd floor of IASO Children’s Hospital
    • ALMA ZOIS (Leap of life): Participation in the program for the information and awareness of breast cancer in young women aged 20-39, with free of charge mammographies and breast ultrasounds at IASO
    • Mission “ANTHROPOS”: Free of charge cardiac triplex and great arteries ultrasound at IASO Children’s Hospital
    • CIVISplus: Basic medical examination of the young beneficiaries of the program “We are all Citizens” of the Bodossaki Foundation, of the plan “Multicolor hug” (approximately 80 children) and Christmas gifts to the children participating in the program
  • Prompted by the World Day of Congenital Heart Defects, IASO Children’s Hospital offered a complimentary cardiac check-up to children (Electrocardiography, Heart Triplex and Cardiac Exam)
  • Prompted by the World Clubfoot Day, IASO Children’s Hospital offered free of charge examinations to children suffering from clubfoot
  • Organizational support for the TELEUNICOM BASKETBALL ACADEMY CLUB (B.A.C.) SUMMER CAMP by providing an ambulance from IASO Children’s Hospital and a package of complimentary medical examinations from FILOKTITIS
  • Concessionary pricing on school and sports check-up packages at IASO Children’s Hospital
  • Provision of an ambulance at the football court of the Hellenic German School-Ellinogermaniki Agogi for the international friendly game between TELEUNICOM BAC and PARTIZAN VODNO SANS of Skopia
  • Prompted by the World Day for Childhood Obesity, we offered a preventive check-up at the Center of Nutrition and Dietetics at IASO and at the Department of Childhood and Adolescent Obesity at IASO Children’s Hospital
  • On the occasion of the International Children's Day, IASO Children’s Hospital offered a free of charge pediatric check-up to the general public
  • Coordination of 3 Voluntary Blood Donation Events, in collaboration with the mobile blood donation unit of the “Amalia Fleming General Hospital”, supported by volunteer physicians-collaborators and the staff of the Clinic, which was rewarded with more leave days
  • Coordination of the Christmas Party for the children of the employees
  • Medical, nursing coverage and provision of an IASO Children’s Hospital ambulance at the Christmas event “The Christmas Factory” where 201 cases were treated
  • IASO Children’s Hospital organized a course of educational meetings for parents titled “By educating parents, we protect the children”, with the purpose of disseminating all the correct information upon current childhood health and protection issues. Indicative range of topics: “Head traumas at school” by Mr. Nikolas Maratheftis, Pediatric-surgeon and Scientific Collaborator at IASO Children’s Hospital, “When should a child visit the ophthalmologist”. The importance of preventive ophthalmologic examination in children; the speech was delivered by Mr. Ioannis Nikolopoulos, Pediatric-ophthalmologist and Scientific Collaborator at IASO Children’s Hospital
  • For the first time in the private hospitals industry, IASO organized an event titled “Cyber crime: Protect your children”. The speech was delivered by the specialist and reputable Brigadier Manolis Sfakianakis, Head of the Police Cyber Crime Division

At IASO Thessaly:

  • Special prices for diagnostic and lab exams during the whole year
  • Concessionary Health Check Packages for all Association members in Thessaly
  • Offer of two elastic tires to cover the immediate needs of the Fire Department’s vehicles in Larissa
  • The Directorate of Nursing Services organized:
    • 20 educational classes with reputable scientists on the full spectrum of health addressed to the medical and nursing staff
    • 17 “Courses in Obstetrics Care during delivery and puerperium and The Art of Motherhood”
  • At IASO Thessaly, an educational Center of the EPI.ZO group (Epimorfosi Zois), the following certified educational seminars were realized during the whole year: “Basic Life Support & Automated External Defibrillation [BLS (CPR)/AED course provider, ERC] “Basic Life Support for Chocking Events in Children”, “Evaluation and Treatment of the Multi-Injured Trauma Patient”, “Basic CTM (Combat Trauma Management)”
  • Organization of Advance Life Support seminars given by the European Resuscitation Council for healthcare scientists
  • Field-trips from schools and educational institutes of Thessaly
  • Organization of Voluntary Blood Donation Events, in collaboration with the mobile blood donation unit of the “General Hospital of Larissa”, supported by volunteer physicians-collaborators and the staff of the Clinic
  • In a warm celebrating atmosphere, the Christmas Party for the physicians-collaborators of IASO Thessaly was held at a well-known restaurant in Larissa with many attendees
  • IASO Thessaly renewed for one more year its collaboration with local enterprises (IKEA, Kotsovolos-Dixons, Leroy Merlin, Intersport, Makro, Masoutis S/M etc) to ensure price reductions and benefits on basic services for all its employees

At Filoktitis:

  • Free of charge pelmatogram and ergometric exercise tests to all the members of Sports Clubs in the Eastern Attica region
  • Filoktitis, as an Official Supporter of the National Volleyball and Beach Volley Teams, offered free of charge biochemical and ergometric check-ups on an annual basis for the teams of the Federation
  • Complimentary medical treatments to all the players of the National Team
  • Complimentary ergometric exercise tests and follow-ups to the basic team players of Panathinaikos F.C.
  • Driven by the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, 50% price reduction on the outpatient evening physiotherapies for October and December
  • For the local bank employees and their family members:
    • Free of charge physiatric assessment for myoskelteal and neurological conditions
    • Free of charge pelmatogram, and kyphosis-skoliosis check-ups for children
    • 10 free of charge physiotherapy sessions upon a clinician’s referral
    • 50% reduction on all necessary therapies
  • Filoktitis supports Vassilis Tsangaris, Paralympics medalist and third in swimming world-rankings, by offering free of charge rehabilitation services

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