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At IASO Group, Speeches and Study Days in Municipalities and Municipal Communities are successfully organized aiming to the promotion of the citizens’ health, their information on early prevention and diagnosis and generally to their awareness of health issues – an additional approach by IASO in terms of preventive medicine and promotion of health, which constitutes the practical aspect of the generally admitted concept that “health is a public good”.

IASO Group participates, following the approval of the Scientific Boards of the Clinics, in research programs for the development of new scientific methods and medical techniques that will contribute to the early diagnosis and treatment of various diseases.

It operates as a “Baby-friendly hospital”. Having the necessary experience and expertise in baby care, IASO Group particularly promotes breastfeeding in neonates born in its Maternity Hospitals by holding classes, special study days and seminars. The primary goal is for the mother to understand that breastfeeding, apart from its insurmountable value, is the strongest emotional bonding between her and her baby.

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