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Environmental Policy

IASO Group Management, recognizing the fact that for its Hospitals, proper medical diagnosis, care provision and patient treatment would not be highly successful merely based on the implementation of scientific knowledge but also on the simultaneous building of care relationships with their patients, is hereby committed to continue its efforts in order to responsively and effectively respond to patient demands and expectations, as well as to any patient, customer, or interested party served by IASO Group’s Hospitals, including any expectations falling within the scope of global awareness in the field of environmental management.

Within the aforementioned context, and as part of the overall effort in improving the company’s environmental performance, an Environmental Management System was carefully studied, set up and is implemented by IASO Group.

IASO Group’s Environmental Policy, observed by all its Hospitals, is reviewed and amended on a regular basis in the light of technological, medical/scientific advances, and any new results of the Environmental Audit, and is publicly available.

On this basis and for the achievement of its goals pertaining to Environmental Management, IASO Group is specifically committed to:

  • Take into account the principles of sustainable development through rational management and saving of resources, energy, water, and reduced gas emission, within the scope of environmental and climate protection
  • Comply with and apply the environmental legislation in force, including any legal framework with respect to healthcare facilities and provision of healthcare services
  • Recognize all environmental aspects (environmental issues) that may emerge when pursuing its activities, and monitor and control the corresponding environmental consequences
  • Establish, document and review its environmental aims and objectives in view of the significant environmental aspects, technological and medical/scientific advances, and financial and organizational requirements
  • Manage waste (solid and liquid, hazardous or not) and emissions (gas, noise, radiation) by adhering to the environmental licenses or permits and the legislation in force, and by closely cooperating with its suppliers, all of whom have been duly notified of the said requirements for the protection of the environment and public health in general
  • Provide continuous training to all its staff whose respective competences and work affect the Environmental Management System in any way
  • Aim at establishing and maintaining a relationship of trust with both the local community and the broader society, as well as at increasing public awareness and knowledge of environmental issues
  • Regularly inspect the Environmental Management System

For the support and effectiveness of the Environmental Management System’s operation, IASO Group’s Management fully undertakes that its quality and environmental management goals, along with the present Environmental Policy, comply with the operational framework and strategic planning of IASO Group’s Hospitals, and that the Group’s infrastructure actively develops, and human resources maintain their high standards while being encouraged to:

  • Actively participate in the operation of the Departments (medical, nursing, auxiliary) by implementing all general medical-nursing/scientific knowledge and training provided by IASO Group
  • Adhere to the Environmental Management System’s requirements
  • Contribute in the long-term consolidation and improvement of the Environmental Management System’s effectiveness and pollution prevention, as all required resources and applicable infrastructure are provided by the Group.

This Environmental Policy is constantly updated, notified to the staff, and available to any interested party.

With great awareness and a high sense of duty, IASO Group makes provisions for the recycling of all materials and participates in Alternative Waste Management Programs such as AFIS and SYDESYS. The use of environmentally friendly natural gas, further promotes the environmental actions of our Group, which is in a continuous search to engage in prevention initiatives, aiming to the more productive use of all its necessary resources for the operation of the Clinics and at the same time to the maintenance of all IASO’s employees awareness of environmental issues.

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