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Corporate Social Responsibility

IASO Group, stands by you with comprehensive and top quality healthcare services

Corporate Social Responsibility

IASO Group has distinguished itself by receiving four Corporate Social Responsibility Awards, while it constantly supports vulnerable social groups and significant actions taken by more than 20 NGOs and Associations through the provision of top quality healthcare services.

One of IASO Group’s main goals is to implement the “By your Side” program for the benefit of vulnerable social groups, by meeting major needs of citizens in practice. It actively supports NGOs, primarily those involved with children, women and families.

  • In cases of patients in need of medical assistance, it provides comprehensive medical care through free of charge screening tests or surgeries.
  • It grants significant reductions and privileges to special groups of people that experience hard times because of the economic crisis, such as reductions in childbirths, surgeries, tests and hospitalization, free of charge visits to all specialties both for them and their families, as well as unlimited consultations for their children in all specialties at IASO Children’s Hospital.
  • It offers free of charge tests, medical and nursing coverage, as well as medical sponsorships to events held by institutions, associations, neighboring Municipalities and sports clubs.
  • It offers concessionary pricing on screening tests to celebrate World Health Days.
  • It stands by local communities by organizing speeches, workshops and actions in Islands, Municipalities and Communities, to educate on timely prevention and diagnosis of conditions and diseases, as well as to raise citizens’ awareness on health issues.

Since 2015, the following have been carried out:

  • 2,960 free of charge tests/consultations
  • 65 offers by IASO Group’s healthcare units, prompted by World Health Days
  • More than 50 free of charge surgeries
  • More than 75 informative speeches/tours



IASO Group: A comprehensive and patient-centered healthcare system

IASO Group is one of the largest healthcare Groups in Greece to own four ultramodern health units and the largest Recovery and Rehabilitation Center in Attica. The Group also owns an ultramodern Assisted Reproduction Unit-IVF, ”Institute of Life”, and “MedStem Services”, the largest Stem Cells Bank.

IASO Group provides all patients with excellent and constantly improving healthcare services, adopting the most highly sophisticated medical practices worldwide, offering continuing training and education to the medical, nursing and administrative personnel, and investing in cutting-edge medical equipment.


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