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Corporate Social Responsibility

IASO Group, stands by you with comprehensive and top quality healthcare services

IASO Group, one of the largest healthcare groups in Greece, takes care of what you hold most dear…your health, and stands by you and every patient, oriented by politeness and friendliness, driven by professionalism, dedication and care, and always with consideration, diligence and dignity, respecting your special and individual needs.

Meeting the needs of all citizens, including vulnerable social groups and NGOs, and especially the needs of those who require special assistance, IASO Group provides quality and comprehensive medical care. In their sense of social offer and awareness, the people at IASO Group –medical, nursing and administrative personnel– take care of and stand by each and every patient, providing:

  • Corporate Social Responsibility actions for the financial support of NGOs
  • free of charge surgeries and screening tests
  • free of charge tests and financial support for events organized by institutions, associations, neighboring Municipalities and sports clubs
  • concessionary prices on screening tests to mark world health days
  • medical and nursing coverage for events, sponsorships and sports clubs
  • speeches and study days held in Municipalities and Communities on early disease prevention and diagnosis, and awareness of citizens on health issues in general

IASO Group: A comprehensive and patient-centered healthcare system

IASO Group is one of the largest healthcare Groups in Greece to own four ultramodern health units and the largest Recovery and Rehabilitation Center in Attica. The Group also owns an ultramodern Assisted Reproduction Unit-IVF, ”Institute of Life”, and “MedStem Services”, the largest Stem Cells Bank.

IASO Group provides all patients with excellent and constantly improving healthcare services, adopting the most highly sophisticated medical practices worldwide, offering continuing training and education to the medical, nursing and administrative personnel, and investing in cutting-edge medical equipment.


Social Policy

IASO Group steadily preserves the interest and respect in the human entity and values, in the society and the environment...
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Social Actions

At IASO Group, Speeches and Study Days in Municipalities and Municipal Communities are successfully organized...
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Solidarity & Contribution

By keeping a close eye on the human and the human needs, IASO Group provided significant price reductions...
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Social Face

IASO Group, showing in practice its awareness of the woman, the child and the whole family, set a new invoicing policy...
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Environmental Policy

With great awareness and a high sense of duty, IASO Group makes provisions for the recycling of all materials and participates...
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