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The Department of Ophthalmology provides services for both diagnosis and treatment of ophthalmological diseases of all ages.

We have created a separate Operating Room, where only ophthalmologic interventions are carried out, in order to eliminate any possibility of contamination, and we have equipped it with modern surgical equipment, including surgical microscopes, ultrasound devices and a phacoemulsification device, thus delivering surgical interventions that are both fast, well-tolerated and reliable.

Specifically for cataract treatment:

It is treated with the modern and safe method of phacoemulsification. Modern microscopes and high precision ultrasound machines are used for surgery. Phacoemulsification has abolished the older perception that the cataract must be "mature" for surgical purposes. Patients go home within a few hours after the procedure, and they even resume their daily activities. Should they need to stay for a few more hours in the Clinic, patients are placed in refurbished short-stay beds.

Surgical Diseases: Retinopathy - Macular Degeneration:

At IASO Thessaly we treat all surgical diseases of the retina according to the latest technological developments in the field, with no hospital stay. Cases may include simple or complicated retinal detachment, diabetic retinopathy (intravitreal hemorrhage or traction retinal detachment), complicated cataract surgery, endophthalmitis (eye infection), as well as the whole spectrum of ocular wound surgery (suture, removal of endobulbar foreign body, traumatic detachment, giant tear).

In addition, the Clinic manages and treats the whole spectrum of macular surgical diseases (macular hole, macular pucker).

The procedures are performed under local anesthesia (except for pediatric cases), using minimally invasive vitrectomy (25-gauge) and with no use of sutures.

Pediatric Ophthalmology:

The Department of Pediatric Ophthalmology at IASO Thessaly provides diagnostic and surgical services for almost all child ophthalmological problems.

The services provided by the Department include: diagnosis and treatment of strabismus/amblyopia, nasolacrimal duct problems, child cataract/corneal problems, retinopathies, eyelid/orbital disorders, pediatric glaucoma and traumas, and low vision problems.