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The Department of Nephrology aims at providing top quality medical and nursing services to all patients with kidney problems.

The Department comprises the Hemodialysis Unit, the Glomerulonephritides Clinic, the regular Outpatient Nephrology Clinic, the regular Outpatient Transplant Clinic, the Pre-transplant Screening Clinic, the Emergency Nephrology and Transplant Clinic, the Nephrolithiasis and Metabolic Disorders Clinic and the Vascular Assessment and Access Identification [arteriovenous fistulae, graft, permanent or temporary jugular, subclavicular or femoral catheter].

The Clinic admits patients with kidney impairment; patients suffering from diseases localized exclusively or mainly in the kidneys, e.g. glomerulonephritides, interstitial nephritides, polycystic kidney disease, etc, or patients with other serious diseases affecting –not only but also – the kidneys, e.g. hypertension, diabetes mellitus, vasculitides, lupus erythematosus, multiple myeloma, etc, exhibiting or non exhibiting renal failure of any severity (stages 1 to 5, the latter being end-stage renal disease).

All the above patient groups receive accurate diagnosis delivered through lab, imaging and, where applicable, pathology tests (kidney biopsy), while they are treated according to international therapeutic protocols currently in force.

The Outpatient Department:


On a regular basis, the Glomerulonephritides Clinic treats patients with glomerulonephritis. Those requiring constant testing are referred to the regular Outpatient Nephrology Clinic for long-term scheduled monitoring. The same Clinic monitors many other patients with nephrology problems that have not been hospitalized in IASO Thessaly, but wish to undergo regular, scheduled tests and treatment.

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