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Medical Oncology

The Department of Medical Oncology at IASO Thessaly is directed at patients with various forms of neoplasms, solid tumors, and hematological neoplasms. Emphasis is placed on targeted therapy, appropriate chemotherapeutic combinations that are adapted to the particularities and special needs of each patient, biological agents in immunotherapy, and supportive care. All physicians are in constant contact with centers abroad, receive post-education training, and keep up with the latest data announced in international conferences.

Therapies are administered both to cancer inpatients and outpatients by our highly experienced medical staff. The Department collaborates with excellent surgeons and radiotherapists, as well as with physicians in other specialties (e.g. hematologists, urologists, gynecologists, ENT, orthopedics specialists, ophthalmologists, endocrinologists, specialized internists) for the holistic treatment of all neoplasms. Our Oncology Team also comprises well-trained nurses, psychologists and nutritionists.

The Department of Medical Oncology provides One-day Inpatient Care and a Division of Chemotherapy equipped with a vertical laminar air flow hood for the preparation of cytostatics. At the wards, each patient has space autonomy, a TV, Virtual Reality option, and other activities suggested by psychologists participating in the monitoring process.

Patients, after receiving treatment, are discharged from the hospital. In addition to the administration of chemotherapy, immunotherapy and targeted therapies, there is a possibility of blood and blood-derivatives transfusion, other short-term IV treatments for supportive care or pain management (the Department also runs a specialized Pain Management Clinic), as well as the possibility of relief procedures (fluid drainage).

Participation in the Tumor Board

The Department of Medical Oncology participates in the regular Tumor Board for the delivery of decisions concerning the treatment of cancer patients; it is a multidisciplinary medical team and consists of various specialties, such as Surgeons, Radiotherapists, Radiologists, Pathologists and, depending on the therapeutic needs, of physicians in other specialties with the aim of properly assessing and treating oncology patients.

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